Saturday, 1 June 2013

Spicy Corn On Toast with White Sauce

I love Corn very much and whenever I go to any restaurants I look for something in menu card having corn/sweet corn.Thanks to my sister and brother in law who took us to the restaurants Mathura and Eden at Chennai and made me try the corn on toast.Wow. I love it very much and got addicted to it that whenever I go to these restaurants or I find it on any other menu card,I order it.I have never felt overdone with its taste.After being away from Chennai,I was missing it badly and wanted to try making it at home.I referred to the version on Ms Chitra @ ChittisKitchen . Mine is almost the same except for the quantities and the cheese I used.

Though I tried it with white sauce for the first time,it tasted so well and now I have many fans for this in my family. So here is the recipe of Spicy Corn on Toast from my Kitchen.It is very easy to make and quicker too.I use to finish off everything within 15 - 30 minutes.

Recipe for Corn on Toast with red sauce will be here shortly.

Spicy Corn On Toast


Boiled corn kernels.I used frozen kernels. : 1 cup
All Purpose Flour(Maida) : 4 tsp
Milk : 2 cups
Salt : To Taste
Grated/Crushed Feta Cheese : 1/4 Cup
Butter : 1 tsp
Bread Slices:4
Green Chilli(Finely Chopped) :1

Prep Method :

Heat Butter in a frying pan and saute onion and green chilli till onion turns translucent.Add maida and fry for 2 mins.Ensure the mixture is not burnt.Add 2 cups milk and stir continuously and make sure no lumps are left out.The mixture will turn creamy with a good aroma.Lower the heat,add cheese and salt to taste.Add corn kernels and keep in simmer for 2 mins and make sure that it is not burnt.

Toast bread slices in parallel with butter(optional) and spread the corn sauce on the toast.Serve Hot


* We can season the sauce with oregano seeds/Pizza seasoning.
* Adjust maida and milk for required consistency of the sauce/gravy.Try to avoid adding more maida at last to get rid of raw maida flavour.
* If you are running out of milk or feel the quantity is too much,can dilute it by adding some water.
* The sauce will become thick when it cools and would appear too heavy to eat.Hence ensure it has a creamy consistency ( neither too watery nor too thick ).
* Can cut the bread slices into pieces and consume slightly soaked.It tastes very good.
* Adding cheese is optional.Feta cheese can be substituted with Paneer,mozarella or tofu.Cheese can be avoided by fitness lovers.
* We can add pepper powder/chilli powder for more spicy flavour.
* Adjust the quantity of green chilli based on the spicyness.