Sunday, 9 June 2013

Pulpy Cucumber Orange lassi shots

I use to watch the Master Chef India series and in the punjabi cuisine special week . I watched them preparing varieties of lassi and got tempted to have a good lassi. Also,I had too much of buttermilk which was about to expire in 2 days and I wanted to consume it somehow.My husband insists me on having cucumber and fruits everyday.I follow his orders but wanted to have some variations in having the same.Why cant I have them all together and here comes Sweet and Pulpy Cucumber-Orange lassi shots from my kitchen.

Ingredients :

Cucumber : 1
Buttermilk/Labaan . I used Full fat one : 2 Cups
Orange. I used Valencia Orange bigger in size : 1
Water : 1/2 Cup
Sugar : To Taste

Prep Method:

Peel off and grate the cucumber and keep it aside.Cut the oranges into two halves and extract juice in manual/electric juicer.Ensure that the orange shell is not damaged as it is required for serving.You will need a blender or the juicer jar of a mixer grinder.You can also use the traditional blending stick (Maththu) for preparing lassi. Add the lassi, grated cucumber, orange juice and sugar in the blender and beat it till it becomes frothy.Add water for required consistency which can be ignored as per wish.Pour it into the Orange shells and enjoy the taste of the lassi in a new and tasty serving dish in small small quantities.

Tips and Variations:

* Honey can replace sugar.
* You can use Yogurt/Curd and health conscious people can go for Low fat ones.
* Diabetic?Can go for salt and pepper instead of sugar.Even it would taste good without salt.
* Add chat masala,amchur,salt and chilly powder instead of sugar for a spicy desi version.
* People who do not like the pulp of cucumber can make the cucumber into a fine paste and then adding buttermilk and orange juice.