Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bread Nutella Biscuits

Wanna prepare biscuits easily?With extra flavor?And that too without deep fry or Ovens ? Yes you can - in just a Tawa with no oil.

I had a bread left over and thought of preparing some rolls with it. Ufff then you have to think about something to stuff in.Then flashed an idea of preparing biscuits out of it.But did not want to use oil for deep fry.

Thus came the Tawa fried Bread Nutella Biscuits.Kids will definitely love it -my neighbor's son really loved it and it became an hit with my hubby too.

White Bread Slice : 1
Nutella : 1 tsp
Butter (to brush)  : 1 tsp

Preparation Method:
  • Take a bread slice and remove the brown corners.

  • Carefully press it using a rolling pin into a thin layer.

  • Spread the Nutella on the rolled slice evenly.Keep the Nutella in room temperature for some time so that it will be easy to spread.
  • Slowly roll the bread lengthwise.Slightly press the corner so that the roll would not open while slicing it.

  • Slightly brush the outer layer with butter.
  • Cut it into slices of about 5 mm thickness. Optionally brush little butter on both sides of the slices.

  • Heat a Tawa and place the slices on it. Maintain low flame.

  • As the slices are thin,they will get roasted quickly.Make sure you turn them often.
  • Remove them from the Tawa once the biscuits turn brown and you get a nice baked smell.
  • Bread Nutella biscuits are ready to serve.

Tips and Tricks:
  • Using butter is optional.But we may have to roast it for longer time to get the crispness.
  • No- no to Chocolate flavor or Nutella? Use your favorite Jam instead.
  • Roll the bread breadth-wise if you want more spiral slice. 
  • Use Brown Bread / Multigrain Bread / Gluten Free Bread  instead of white bread.
  • If you want more sweet and crunchiness between the layers,drizzle some sugar after spreading the Nutella uniformly.